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"I would like to thank the law firm of Gardner & Stevens, PC for their expertise in administration of my mother’s estate. It was a relief to me to know that all areas that required attention would be administrated throughout this case and to its conclusion.

Working with Connie made this experience much easier for me and to her, a big thank you.

I would not hesitate to select your firm for required services in the future.

Thank you once again!"

- S.P.

"The least I can say is “thank you” very, very much for your professionalism, patience, compassion, courtesy, and understanding in a matter that I had no idea could be so complex. Your firm handled all the details and specifics of this troubling situation with remarkable care and efficiency.

Our long-distance relationship further complicated matters. Yet, I felt that you were right by my side through it all, constantly updating me on what was to come next and what steps to take for a smooth, seamless transition to take place.

Working with Connie and John was a true pleasure. So, if you’re looking for legal advice and assistance, I highly recommend the law firm of Gardner and Stevens, PC. They are a first-class, professional group that you can trust to be there when you need them. Again, all I can say is “thank you” very, very much for all you have done for us."

- D.&T.W.

"Connie – Thanks for all the good work on my father’s and brother’s estates. You were steady and helpful during a difficult time. I will reach out to you again if I need legal help in Lancaster."

- D.H.

"I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for your assistance, time and effort in quickly resolving my divorce case. Thanks again guys for your service."

- C.M.

"My wife and I want to thank you and your staff for a professional service. We appreciate your good advice for our Wills. We wish you a great year."

- D.&B.S.

"Kurt is a church friend. He was very helpful and informative on my initial call. Connie and Jill were very kind and thoughtful and got us to final closure even though it was all done through COVID. My loved one passed away the week of the COVID shut down, including the Court. But we made it! Thank you."

- R.&C. C.

"My experience with Gardner & Stevens in the handling of my mother’s estate was truly impressive. Very little was expected of me and the process went so smoothly, systematically. All transactions were documented, copies made and sent to me; I was notified via phone calls and correspondence of every step throughout the handling of the estate. Connie Stevens was wonderful. She was always friendly, cheerful, organized and attentive; no question or detail went unanswered – all concerns were addressed. I trust Gardner & Stevens and recommend them to all."

- E.S.

"We thank you for your guidance and assistance in our Will and estate planning process."

- D.S.

"I had the opportunity to use the services of Gardner and Stevens in the process of settling my dear mother’s estate. Connie helped make the process as smooth as can be expected, and never failed to answer my questions or address a sibling’s concern, both respectfully and in a timely fashion. I have nothing but a favorable review to offer and would heartedly recommend them to anyone whom may ask."

- S.B.

"I hired Gardner & Stevens to handle the estate administration for my mother’s estate. Throughout it all, Connie Stevens was a friendly, extremely patient voice of reason. She answered by numerous questions in a timely manner and was always friendly and knowledgeable. I am grateful for her work on my behalf. The firm’s fees were appropriately set and documented, and I found the fees to be reasonable. "

- C.C.

"Very pleased with your estate administration services."

- J.S.

"Gardner & Stevens is such an amazing group. Mr. Stevens took his time to understand my personal injury case, and helped me through it every step of the way, along with his amazing staff. They always kept me in the loop and made sure to go through me before any decision was made. They were all so helpful and friendly, and I could not have asked for or dreamed of a better team. Thank you so much!"

- P.M.

"We thank Gardner & Stevens, P.C. for all their help in our estate planning and other matters."

- D.S.

"I have been very pleased with your services. I found good lawyers in Gardner & Stevens for life."

- M.K.

"Extremely pleased with your services in connection with my late husband’s estate. Would highly recommend your firm. Thank you so much."

- M.M.

"Thanks for being great lawyers!  Always great advice!"

- A.B. and D.B.

"Gardner & Stevens, P.C. capably assisted me through a most difficult time in my life – a long, complex divorce involving division of all of our assets. They were always polite, kind and pleasant. I am very satisfied with the result. I will continue to use them for all my legal matters in the future."

- G.B.

Dawn and Kurt

"Thanks again to Gardner & Stevens for such great service. If I am ever needing a lawyer, I will definitely use your firm!"

- J.B.

"My mother’s estate was handled with outstanding service. Both Attorney Gardner and the staff went out of their way for us to achieve our goals and settle the estate. They were always there with answers to our questions. Our calls were handled promptly and professionally. I will surely return again when I need legal services."

- R.B.

"We cannot thank Attorney Gardner enough for helping us at a difficult time. He was extremely helpful, answered all of our questions, and gave us a plan to proceed with confidence."

- S.R. and E.H.

"I have gone to the office of Gardner & Stevens to deal with multiple issues. John Stevens has prepared our wills, but he has also helped us with job contracts. Recently, we had to have John deal with a fender-bender where the at-fault party was unwilling to pay. John was able to successfully handle this issue. We have found him to be dependable and also highly skilled. We believe John is the type of lawyer who is great at his job, but also knows your name. The Gardner & Stevens staff has been professional and courteous. We have also referred other friends to his office and they were happy with the referral. They told me John efficiently handled their issues and they didn’t feel like they were over billed. I personally went with one friend to John’s office as she needed some support as she was dealing with an emotional estate issue. John was very compassionate as my friend cried while discussing some sensitive details of the problem. I have waited way too long to say good things about John – who for years has been our most reliable source for legal advice."

- K.

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